In Part 2 of this series, I mention sales planning as the third key factor for business planning.

First, let’s take a deep dive into the existing top accounts via the Customer Analysis Tool below:

Customer Analysis Tool


What industry:

2018 Revenue:

Break out: Direct Hire or Contract/Temp Spend:

Specifics: VMS?  Direct Client?  Other?



2019 Projection:

  • Obtain Budget for the year
  • Contract/Temp
  • Direct Hire


Action Plan: Who? What? When?

The second part of solid sales planning is to leverage your services in industries your firm is currently servicing.  This is going to take developing case studies, a social media campaign, and sales performance metrics.  All three of these aspects need to be well thought out.  A case study will articulate three important dynamics: (1) an existing client issue, (2) the suggested solutions and action by the staffing firm and (3) the results, which need to be positive.  If you can get the signoff to use a client’s name, better yet.  A social media campaign is going to articulate how you are going to get the word out about your firm’s unique selling proposition to the right decision makers on all social media platforms.  Lastly, you must set realistic performance goals and action steps that the sales representatives buy into and believe are achievable.

Business planning is vital to succeeding

And, for smaller staffing firms, it consists of articulating the values of the business, conducting a healthy internal analysis, and developing a solid sales plan.  Goals will naturally emerge out of the planning process.  The value of having a professional outside your organization facilitate the planning process is twofold.  First, such a facilitator is not politically tied to anyone in the organization and can ask all the challenging questions that need to be asked, including questions that will most likely make some team members feel uncomfortable.  Second, such a facilitator is driving the process forward so that it does not get bogged down or stalemated between owner and key stakeholders of the business.

It is my hope that you have gleaned some useful ideas here. Outperforming at twice the pace of competitors and/or growing 30% faster over competitors sounds fantastic.  A significant variable?  Business planning.



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