High Intensity Interval Training – commonly known as “HIIT” – is now a familiar term in the world of sport.

Touted as the ideal high-intensity workout known to burn more calories in less time, the HIIT approach to a workout has many benefits. It eliminates the boredom of tedious marathon-length cardio sessions, revs your metabolism so your body burns fat at a faster rate, and helps you get stronger faster. The punchline: you achieve your desired results in a shorter amount of time.

The staffing industry is nothing if not repetitive. It’s easy to work long and hard without seeing the right results. And, unfortunately, restlessness and boredom are a lethal combination that can derail our performance if we let it.

It’s time to shake things up! What would happen if we apply the HIIT principles to our roles in the staffing industry? What if we approach every day, not as a “marathoner”, but as a “sprinter”? As a result, running hard on a high-payoff task for a designated period of time, followed by a brief period of downtime before the next race?

If you’re a recruiter or sales rep, try this experiment: make 15-20 calls in an hour, then take a walk down the hall for a break. Repeat this cycle throughout the day. Do this for a week, then measure your results. If the concept applies to work as it does to sport, you’ll be more productive (defined as submitting more candidates and improving your fill rates if you’re a recruiter, and setting more meetings and bringing in more job orders if you’re a sales rep).

If you’ve tried the HIIT approach to your work, what were your results? Drop us a line and let us know!

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