The lazy days of summer can be, well, just that – lazy days! As we struggle to reach people on the phone and set meetings, it can feel like everyone is in vacation mode. Resignation can set in as your reps become discouraged and make fewer attempts, ultimately becoming lazy and unmotivated.

In actuality, your employees need to increase their activity during the summer, and as their leader, you can help consciously counteract the summer doldrums by helping your producers see the valuable opportunity available to them in the summer months. Your goal is to show them how summer can be a great time to sell by motivating them to increase their activity and rewarding their results creatively.

Here are four key ways to motivate your reps this summer:

Remind your reps there is less competition during the summer

Your reps can take advantage of fewer competitors as their peers fall prey to the summer slump, slowing their activity over the summer. In fact, this is a great time to provide incentives to your team for doubling their prospecting! The reality is that your prospects may take a week or two off during the summer months, but very few people can take the entire summer off. And, even when they’re on vacation, they’re likely still connected to their office via their smartphone. And don’t forget to pay attention to those “out of office” notifications which can give you valuable insight as to when they are returning and who is covering for them in their absence.

Let them know their prospects are likely in a better mood

For starters, studies show the brain produces higher levels of the mood-lifting chemical serotonin on sunny days than on dark ones. Add to this that your prospects may have returned from vacation nice and relaxed. The pace of work in their own industry may slow as well, and they may dress more casually in the office. Take advantage of all these happy factors and encourage your sales team to help prospects and clients get ahead of the hustle and bustle of fall with a casual meeting now, while it’s quiet, to put together their ideal staffing plan for the coming months.

Invest in training them now

Why wait until the fall or spring to train your reps? Many of my clients choose to do sales or recruiter training during the summer months, when it’s less risky to pull them out of the field for a day or two. Leader-led training can be just the shot in the arm they need to pump them up. Plus, it will motivate them to try new sales approaches if they’ve been stuck in a rut.

Amp up the fun in your sales contests

Contests are fun, and fun lifts spirits. Think about a short-term strategy, such as a “contest of the week,” which creates more immediate rewards. And, since studies show employees can be more motivated by informal rewards and recognition than by money (okay, that feels like a stretch in the staffing industry…but you get the idea), offer more than just monetary rewards for winners. You can get even more creative by letting winners pick their own prizes from a grab bag of options, like leaving early on a Friday, a gift card of their choosing, tickets to an event, a spa treatment, a tank of gas, etc.


Finally, remember that the leader sets the tone in the office. If you personally maintain a high level of energy and excitement throughout the summer, so will your sales reps.

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