Case Studies

Defining Strategic Vision

  • Helped a $22 million IT staff augmentation company redefine its core purpose, core values and strategic vision
  • By working with its key management team, we were able to help them better understand the market space they occupied
  • By creating strong action plans, we helped them focus their attention on smart business
  • This new focus resulted in an 18% increase in revenues in first year

Integrated Strategic Change

  • Helped a $34 million eight-office IT and technical staffing firm develop and implement a corporate-wide integrated strategic change
  • Through ongoing advisory services, aligned key stakeholders’ interests and engaged the entire firm through operational problems
  • As a result, the firm increased its revenue 8% in the first year following the change, and the effect was achieved in a year when the market was flat

Growth Strategy Consulting

  • Helped develop a growth strategy plan for a regional light industrial and clerical staffing firm
  • Revenue growth was boosted by +30%
  • Through professional management methodology, Visus was able to train, manage, establish performance metrics and raise the professionalism in upper management; our efforts created ongoing feedback loops to employees
  • Transitioned single-focused staffing firms to multidivisional agencies offering temporary staffing services, human resources outsourcing and direct hire services

Increased Profitability by a Broader Client Base

  • Helped a $25 million IT staffing company diversify by obtaining direct clients
  • Visus Group worked with client to create a strategic plan to address several issues
  • Created two fulfillment models: one for VMS and one for direct clients
  • Hired key internal resources on the sales side of the business
  • Developed a key account strategy
  • Executed on the new account development sales campaign
  • Results included a reduced client concentration to less than 50% of the entire business over a three-year time frame
  • Doubled the direct middle market clients for three consecutive years
  • Made the business stable enough to get out of a factoring relationship and into a traditional banking line of credit arrangement, saving the company over $200,000 annually

Increased Gross Margin

  • Helped a regional professional services company increase gross margin
  • The firm had below average gross margins, employee dissatisfaction and high turnover
  • Visus Group and the client created a strategic plan to:
  • Increase gross margin
  • Ensure implementation of strategy
  • A tactical execution plan for both the sales and recruiting teams
  • Weekly accountability checks, to ensure employees are on track
  • Gross margin rose from 18% to 24% over the course of 24 months
  • Over a 100% increase in net income for the company
  • An almost immediate increase in employee retention