Management Consulting and Business Growth Strategies for Staffing Firms

Visus Group has been trusted advisors to the staffing industry since 1994. Our strategic and operational consulting services enable our clients to break through barriers, resolve strategic issues and create systems and processes to drive growth.

At Visus, our mission is to help your staffing company succeed. Schedule a consultation, or learn more about our services:

In consulting with our clients, we adhere to a 5-step process:

1) Assessment. Learn where your current strengths and weaknesses lie.

2) Goals. Find out what the owners, principals or key stakeholders want to accomplish.

3) Strategy. Build out a transition or improvement plan to achieve objectives.

4) Implementation. Put pieces in place to execute on those plans.

5) Measurement. Evaluate metrics to ensure that the transition or change is obtaining the desired results.

Any business challenge you face, Visus Group has innovative solutions to address them. Our expertise includes:

  • Organizational development for staffing firms
  • Strategic and/or business planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions consultation
  • Sales strategy
  • Compensation plan development
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development

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