We Help Sales Leaders Up Their Game

As a staffing exec, you’re probably really good at recruiting and selling. But how do you grow your company when you’re stuck in the trenches?

If you want serious sales growth, you need to rise above the day-to-day battles and develop strong sales and recruiting managers, people who understand best practices for sales effectiveness, know how to improve recruiting efficiency, and are trained to hire talent and drive production.

Sales Leadership Consulting Services

Visus and Bingham Consulting will provide your company with the tools and training you need to run a high-growth, high-performance sales organization. We will help you to:

  • Design more effective compensation plans
  • Develop better systems for hiring sales reps, account managers and recruiters
  • Strengthen onboarding and training plans
  • Create standard operating procedures
  • Manage by metrics, accountability, and forecasting
  • Motivate through fun reward and recognition plans

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Operations Management Consulting Services

Visus Group is the only consulting firm to the staffing industry with certified organizational development consultants on staff.  Our group employs organizational development methodologies to help companies:

  • Improve organizational efficiencies
  • Identify weaknesses and inefficiencies
  • Develop solutions to address them

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Owner Advisory Services

Ever feel like you’re living alone on an island? No question, leadership can be lonely, but you don’t have to run your company without support.

With our Owner Advisory Plan, we provide a sounding board for new ideas, advice on sales, recruiting, and employee issues, and feedback on just about any business challenge you may face as a staffing owner.

Let us be your trusted advisor. We can be on call whenever you need us.

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