Need a Speaker for Your Next Event?

Amy Bingham and Tom Kosnik are nationally recognized and highly-rated speakers in the staffing industry.

Past Speaking Engagements

  • 2018 ASA Council Symposiums:  MS, VA, NC, TX, OR, TN, IN, TX Owners, WA, CT
  • 2018 ISSA National Conference
  • 2018 FSA Summit
  • 2018 Assurance Launch Conference
  • 2018 NAPS Annual Conference
  • 2018 NJSA National Conference
  • 2018 ASA Staffing World

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

  • 2019 Affiliated Staffing Group Owner Meeting
  • 2019 At Work Annual Conference
  • 2019 NISA Owner’s Retreat
  • 2019 StaffingTec Conference
  • 2019 NJSA Executive Leadership Conference
  • 2019 Florida Staffing Association Summit
  • 2019 ASGroup in Chicago

Presentation Topics

  • NJSA Executive Leadership Conference (May 8-9, 2019)

Amy + Tom: “Bust Through Growth Barriers: Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes Owners Make”

Packed with best practices, this session summarizes our findings through years of consulting to staffing firms of all sectors and sizes. It’s all about planning, people and profit! Attend and learn what and what not to do to ensure the success of your most valuable asset – your business

Amy: “Breaking IN in a World of Voicemail, Clutter, Junk, and Unsubscribe!”

Your prospects are bombarded with information every day by you and your 18,999 competitors. It’s no wonder we can’t get a hiring manager’s attention. If you’re responsible for selling new accounts or overseeing people who sell, attend this session and walk away with a simple 10-step Sales SOP proven to get results.

Tom: “7 Things You Must Know About Compensation”

  • Amy Bingham: “3 Musts to Building Your Staffing Firm’s Value”

  • Staffing World 2018: Tom Kosnik on the Organizational Development Model
  • “Best Practices of High-Growth Staffing Firms”
  • “Creating the Everybody Sells Culture”
  • “Building a Winning Team”
  • “Direct Hire for Dummies”
  • “Work Smart in the Time You Have”
  • “Get ‘em Ready With the Vital 9 Staffing Industry Leadership Competencies”