Partnering with Industry Leading Experts in Staffing

We know that independent staffing firms face unique challenges when looking to grow their firm. We also know one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to providing solutions. As the true resource hub to the staffing industry, we work with industry leading experts who provide excellent consultation and customized solutions when our clients need it most. Our partners are the very best in their disciplines.

Our Current Partners

Derek Pittak

Professional EOS Implementer

Derek Pittak is a Professional EOS Implementer helping staffing firms breakthrough their revenue barriers to sustained growth.

Joanna Monroe

Compliance Expert

Joanna Monroe is a business, legal and compliance expert with deep expertise and proven success in aligning legal expertise with organizational needs for achieving growth.

Amy Bingham

Sales Training

Amy Bingham is an expert in sales effectiveness consulting, training, and coaching services to owners and executives.

Rachel Modrak

Sales Trainer

Rachel Modrak is a trainer, speaker, and consultant focused on the Staffing Industry.

Jeff Mariola

Executive Coach

Jeff Mariola is founder of a leadership development advisory service business focused on executive coaching.

Bill Ehrmantraut

Process Enhancements

Bill Ehrmantraut is a transformational leader with the abilities to consistently identify and implement process enhancements and technology solutions to automate, streamline, and create consistency across multi-site operations.

Steve Sorrentino

Business Advisory

Steve Sorrentino provides seasoned M&A and Business Valuation services for Sellers and Buyers in all verticals of the Staffing Industry

Chris Leigeb

Technology Consultant

Chris Leigeb leverages an ecosystem of the best technology, product and service solutions to help our clients achieve substantial savings, efficiency improvements, risk mitigation and maximum ROI in their enterprises.

Don Jastrebski

Culture Consultant

Don Jastrebski makes sure people fit culture, which is particularly important for selection.  In-house top performers often have the same culture profile.  Hire to that profile, and motivated A players result.”

Are you an Staffing expert and want to Partner with us?