Derek Pittak

In the first 15 years of his career, Derek served in the United States Air Force, worked for the Department of Defense, and then joined KeyBank.

At Key, he was instrumental in leading the change for how the business managed their $120M contingent labor budget. During that time, Derek gained an appreciation for the staffing industry and subsequently joined TalentLaunch, a nationwide network of independently operated staffing and recruitment firms. At TalentLaunch, Derek held the role of Chief Operating Officer, responsible for the corporate support functions of the $125M organization. The network hit the ceiling and found the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), where Derek was responsible for the rollout and served as their Integrator during that time. His passion grew for EOS as he saw tremendous value in a simple and transparent business model.

In mid-2019, Derek began a new journey starting an EOS practice. Now, as an EOS Franchise owner and Certified EOS Implementer, Derek’s passion allows him to help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams realize their vision and execute it. In just over two years, he has lead 25+ organizations through the EOS journey. He is passionate about continuing to bring EOS to the staffing & recruitment industry.