Tom Kosnik

Tom Kosnik is a cutting-edge business consultant specializing in organizational development, profitability improvement and work culture transformation.  Since 1994, he has coached & consulted with hundreds of corporate leaders and organizations throughout the continental USA in effective business development using his empirical-based “Organizational Development Business Model” (ODBM).  He has empowered his clients through tailor-made executive workout groups and training conferences.  He’s authored and published innovative educational and training manuals, mentored top corporate presidents & CEOs in better leadership and communication skills, and taught professionally accredited courses.

Not content to merely theorize without practicing what he preaches, Tom has built his own successful business—Visus Group’s “Presidents’ RoundTable” program using the ODBM.  Through these executive peer-networking groups, Tom leads real world business problem solving sessions; entrepreneurial ideation encounters; illustrates how top executives make winning business decisions; demonstrates profitability benchmarking; and motivates organizational decision-makers to reach their peak performance through best practice exchange workouts.