RoundTables COO RoundTable

RoundTables Custom-Designed for Staffing Firms’ Chief Operations Officers

The COO RoundTable assembles C-Suite leaders from independent staffing firms across the US to discuss issues relating to operations, strategies, plans and procedures. The RoundTable group collaborates, shares information and learns from each other on processes and procedures that other like-minded COOs had implemented.

Agenda topics important to COOs

Effective operational and financial procedures

Compensation plan analysis and design

Tech stack resources and options

Revenue management, pricing, and business valuation

Business and employee performance and growth goals and KPIs

Company-wide culture and vision

Employee retention and engagement

Expansion activities, including investments, acquisitions, corporate alliances, etc.

Partners/vendors relationships

Developing Leaders in the organization


Improve performance, margins and profits

Build small interactive peer communities

Generate creative ideas for business

Establish on-going relationships

Communicate between scheduled RoundTables

Better manage businesses

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