Presidents’ RoundTable

At the Presidents’ RoundTable, you’ll meet with like-minded presidents or owners of independently owned staffing businesses who come together to help each other better manage and grow their business and learn from each other. It’s a community of people that grows to care about one another and help each other expand their business.

Why Staffing Firms Work With Us

Successful staffing firm CEOs rely on the Presidents’ RoundTable

Through the Presidents’ RoundTable, you’ll network with your peers, share ideas and insights on your best (or worst) experiences, get first-hand reviews of the technology and tools available and expand your overall effectiveness as a leader.

When like-minded staffing firm leaders get together something magical happens. Your RoundTable cohorts become your de facto Board of Directors willing to share successful tactics and techniques that have worked for them.

Participants in RoundTables Are Assigned Based On Industry Size and Business Challenges

Less than $15mm

The smallest independent staffing firms with annual revenue less than $15mm seek assistance with some of the most basic business functions: Foundational (Business Roadmap, Financial Modeling, KPIs); Hiring & Recruiting; Blocking & Tackling execution tactics, Smarketing (marketing that takes you into the digital era with sales tools such as websites, social media, LinkedIn, etc.).

RoundTable discussion topics can include:

KPIs for sales, recruiting, operations, etc.

Hiring Best Practices

Training and recruiting

Techniques to get reps and recruiters up to speed

Compensation and commissions

Sales methodologies

Recruiting strategies

Tech stack recommendations

Digital marketing must-dos

Organic Growth, opening offices

Implementing EOS

$15mm to $80mm

Mid-sized firms with $15mm to $80mm annual revenue are likely facing a paradigm shift from horizontal owner-operator structure to a hierarchal one. But this complex organizational and financial structure and the long-term view is oftentimes unfamiliar to the business owner. Members of the RoundTable can assist with the move from the tactical straight-line approach to the integration of a strategic approach.

RoundTable discussion topics can focus on:

Building out a Senior Level Management Team

Compensation and commission at all levels

Sales management and best practices

Tech stack mapping

Smarketing, smart digital marketing sales tools

Employee retention & engagement

Managing the sales and recruiting team relationship

Implementing EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System)

Financial management

Mergers & Acquisitions


The Enterprise firms, with revenues at $80+mm, are faced with increasingly more sophisticated competitors and clients. They find themselves competing with the largest independent and publicly owned staffing firms and must learn to differentiate in this highly competitive marketplace and adopt a new management language.

RoundTable topics for this group can include:

Building out multiple business lines

Managing in an MSP / VMS world

Strategic planning, goal setting and establishing KPIs

On-demand business models

Compensation, commissions, and incentives

Mergers & Acquisitions

Off-shore recruiting solutions

Preparing for a recession

Smarketing, smart digital marketing sales tools

Managing & improving the tech stack


Improve performance, margins and profits

Build small interactive peer communities

Generate creative ideas for business

Establish on-going relationships

Communicate between scheduled RoundTables

Better manage businesses

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