Value Enhancement

It’s not always easy to step back from your day-to-day responsibilities to take a big-picture strategic view of your firm or take a critical look at your sales processes. With our years of experience working with staffing firms like yours, we can provide you with the 10,000-foot picture and help drill down to the tactics that will help you achieve your goals.

Services Offerings

  • Business Planning including EOS
  • Change Management Consulting
  • Sales Enhancement & Coaching
  • Technology Platform Advising
  • Executive Search
  • Marketing Consultation: websites, social media, LinkedIn, etc.

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Insights | Jun/26/2020
Virtual Roundtables

Attention all Alternative Staffing professionals! Visus Group’s special virtual RoundTables are now available to members of the Alliance. On these calls, conducted for an hour on Tuesdays, we discuss and problem-solve many of the business decisions and challenges that staffing firm leaders are facing and provide a great opportunity to collaborate with like-minded staffing firm […]

Insights | Dec/11/2019
Factors To Consider When Tweaking Your Company’s Compensation Plan (Part 1)

Tweaking the corporate compensation plan annually at the end of the year is a good practice for any company.

Insights | Dec/11/2019
Factors to Consider When Tweaking Your Company’s Compensation Plan (Part 2)

As you think about making a change to your company’s compensation plan, consider these factors to help your employees adjust to these changes.

Insights | Oct/21/2019
Economic Trends October 2019: The Economy is Slowing!

The economy is slowing, what are the best staffing companies doing to prepare and respond? Watch our video for our perspective.

Insights | Aug/28/2019
Margins are Up, how come Net Income is Down?

Margins in the staffing industry have ticked up for the fourth consecutive year. Guess what else has ticket up?