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Articles by Tom Kosnik

The Art of Mastering Client Relationships: A Balancing Act
The essence of the art of mastering client relationships lies between being in a certain space before your client arrives, and then interacting with that client as if you don't care whether or not your client goes with another vendor.
Staffing Industry Analysts, January 2011

Ask The Right Questions

Focus on two key criteria when evaluating vendors.
Contingent Workforce Strategies, November/December 2006

Your Number One Sales Tool
Endearing trust.
Staffing Industry Review, October 2006

Trust, But Verify
Make sure you vendor metrics are realistic and fair.
Contingent Workforce Strategies, May 2007

Avoiding Compensation Plan Development Mistakes
Knowing the major potential errors can make all the difference in the world.
Staffing Industry Review, October 2008

Hiring the Perfect Recruiter
A stepping stone to building an A-Class Fulfillment Service Offering.
Staffing Industry Review, March 2008

Staffing Industry Consultants

The Visus Group is a national professional services firm headed by Tom Kosnik. We help contingent staffing firms overcome the obstacles to growing their business. We focus on:

· Contingent staffing firms
· Information technology firms
· Marketing services firms
· Engineering services firms

Issues contingent staffing firms may face:

· Eroding margins
· Recruiter turnover
· How to hire effectively
· Competition from national firms
· Managing rising employee health costs
· Sales staff compensation
· Feast or famine
· Becoming a commodity
· Lines of credit becoming more difficult
· Dealing with vendor management systems

Benefits our clients have realized:

· Improved employee productivity
· Increased sales
· Increased gross margin
· Increased net income
· Increased business value

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