Visus Group Roundtable

Grow Yourself and Your Business through RoundTables

Join a community of staffing leaders helping each other grow their business, tear down obstacles, stay relevant, share information, problem solve, and generate new ideas. Many RoundTable members say it’s like having a virtual board of directors.

You’ll submit issues and topics specific to your company, enjoy peer-to-peer interaction, networking, and creating connections. If you’re like other participants, you’ll find you develop long-lasting, valuable relationships with industry peers, create community, build long-term business and personal relationships, and interact with successful business owners and leaders.

We Have a RoundTable for Every Size Staffing Firm

Less than $15mm

How do we get there from here? The smallest independent staffing firms with annual revenue less than $15mm seek assistance with some of the most basic business functions: Foundational (Business Roadmap, Financial Modeling, KPIs); Hiring & Recruiting; Blocking & Tackling execution tactics, Smarketing (marketing that takes you into the digital era with sales tools such as websites, social media, LinkedIn, etc.).

$15mm to $80mm

Are we poised for growth? Mid-sized firms with $15mm to $80mm annual revenue are likely facing a paradigm shift from horizontal owner-operator structure to a hierarchal one. But this complex organizational and financial structure and the long-term view is oftentimes unfamiliar to the business owner. Members of the RoundTable can assist with the move from the tactical straight-line approach to the integration of a strategic approach.

More than $80mm

How do we scale properly? The Enterprise firms, with revenues at $80+mm, are faced with increasingly more sophisticated competitors and clients. They find themselves competing with the largest independent and publicly owned staffing firms and must learn to differentiate in this highly competitive marketplace and adopt a new management language.

Why Join One of Our RoundTables?

Exclusive Access

You’ll have the opportunity to meet 1:1 with staffing firm leaders and industry experts without the high costs of attending multiple conferences!

Business Growth

Our RoundTable members stay in touch with each other through our scheduled events to stay “in the know” about the staffing industry.

Best Practices

You’ll have an exclusive community of staffing leaders right at your fingertips to solve specific problems and share best practices to drive more business.

What Members Are Saying About RoundTables

Our Current RoundTables

President RoundTable

Focused on the needs of presidents and owners of independent staffing firms, the President RoundTable groups together the leadership of like-sized firms so they can interact, share best practices, and learn valuable growth tips from each other.

CFO RoundTable

When Chief Financial Officers of independent staffing firms get together to discuss business challenges and collaborate with peers, they usually come back from the event with at least 5 or 6 actionable items to tackle in their firms.

CMO RoundTable

Marketing has become increasingly complicated and some of the most successful marketing principals attend the CMO RoundTable to meet with their peers to collaborate, share, test and learn about the best programs and campaigns.

CRO RoundTable

Our CRO RoundTable brings top sales leaders together in a unique format. We’ll tackle issues relating to keeping your sales team motivated, top tips for client acquisition, and the latest technology trends to use when building top performing sales teams.

General Counsel RoundTable

These RoundTable events are catered to General Counsel, Chief Legal Officers, Corporate Counsel, Compliance Professionals and the like. It’s an opportunity for like-minded individuals to share business insights and perspectives while addressing issues specific to their organization.

Why Staffing Leaders Become RoundTable Members

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