About Us

Our mission is to be the go-to strategic advisors and organizational development consulting firm for the staffing industry. Visus Group is focused on increasing the total value of a staffing organization by improving employee performance, gross margins and net income.

Why Do Businesses Choose Visus Group?

  • Twenty-plus years of servicing the staffing industry
  • Understand more than one management style
  • Trusted advisors to hundreds of staffing industry leaders
  • Expertise in strategy, operations, sales, compensation, M&A and organizational development

Who We Are

The Visus Group is a national professional services firm headed by Tom Kosnik. We help staffing firms overcome the obstacles to growing their businesses. We focus on:

  • Temporary and contract staffing firms
  • IT professional services and engineering firms
  • Direct hire firms

Visus Group started in the staffing industry by setting up and facilitating The Presidents’ Roundtable. These peer networking groups consisted of over 100 independently owned and operated staffing firms. After the remarkable success of this effort, we began offering organizational development services to this client base.

Our Leadership

Tom Kosnik

Tom is one of the staffing industry’s leading thinkers in the areas of organizational design, profitability improvement and work culture transformation. Since 1994, he has coached and consulted with hundreds of staffing executives throughout North America using his empirical-based “Organizational Development Business Model” (ODBM).

As a strategy consultant, Tom shifts his clients into high gear through new organizational development strategies, internal diagnostic assessments, whole system performance management, business planning and implementation, and facilitation of off-site management seminars. Tom’s passion is to drive his clients to new levels of profitability.

As a Leadership Forum facilitator, Tom leads real world business problem solving sessions; entrepreneurial ideation encounters; illustrates how top executives make winning business decisions; demonstrates profitability bench marking; and motivates staffing executives to reach their peak performance through best practice exchange workouts.

Tom is a certified organizational development consultant with master’s degrees in organizational development from Bowling Green State University (2001) and Divinity from Catholic Theological Union (1991). He is certified with the Center for Creative Leadership and a leading sales enhancement organization, MH Group. Tom has been published in the Staffing Industry Review, The Journal of Human Resource Management and other industry publications, and he is a regular speaker for Staffing Industry Analysts and The American Staffing Association.

Catherine Kosnik

Catherine is the woman behind the scenes who keeps Visus running. As our manager of member services, Catherine oversees Leadership Forum logistics and brings new members to our Presidents’ Roundtable, CFOs’ Roundtable and Marketing Roundtable. She also manages client communications and the implementation of our own marketing.

Prior to joining Visus full-time, Catherine was the executive director of Down Syndrome of Louisville, an organization dedicated to representing the needs of parents of children with Down syndrome. She also worked in outside sales in the staffing industry.

Catherine has a BA in business administration from Bellarmine College, and she is an active member of the local school council.

Our Clients Include:

  • Profiles
  • QPS Employment Services
  • Technology Partners
  • The Nelson Family of Companies
  • Trillium Staffing
  • And more!