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Through our industry-leading RoundTable programs and our intimate relationships with industry experts, we help staffing firms solve their most pressing challenges, achieve sustainable growth, and ultimately, achieve their dreams.

Providing Comprehensive Solutions to the Staffing Industry


Our RoundTables provide staffing firm leaders with a forum for peer-to-peer networking, best practice sharing, and exclusive access to the staffing industry’s most forward-thinking leaders. We currently offer this to Presidents, CFOs, and Marketing Leaders, with many more planned!


Our clients benefit from our long experience working with staffing firms, from strategic planning to compensation planning to executive coaching. Leading staffing firms from across the US have implemented aggressive growth plans and saw their business flourish as a result of our customized plans.


When your staffing firm is looking for the best provider of payroll, technology, or marketing services, think Visus Group. We have strategic partnerships with industry-leading suppliers that saves you vetting time and provides special pricing through our connection.

Why Staffing Firms Work with Us

Consulting Peer Network

We have partnerships with industry-leading consultants to solve your business challenges

Roundtable Program

Our programs have helped companies grow year over year as a member of our roundtables

Organizational Development

Only staffing industry advisor with a background in organizational development

Industry Vertical Agnostic

We have experience working with every vertical in the staffing industry over the last 25 years.

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