Listening to One’s Inner Voice

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Amelia Nickerson

Amelia Nickerson, CEO of First Step Staffing, explains how knowing one’s intrinsic motivators, listening to one’s inner voice, and being a life long learner are all aspects that lead to success.

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The New Business Model

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Maurice Fuller

COVID-19 has forced us to “work from home.” Maurice Fuller, Founder of Staffing Tec, explains how the new business model will be a mix of brick & mortar and working from home. To succeed, high quality technology & processes will need to exist to support such a business model.

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Becoming an ESOP Entrepreneur

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Tim Rettig

Tim Rettig, Interim Owner of Staffanation, has a fascinating story to tell and a unique mission in business by creating wealth for internal employees and associates seeking a second chance in society. Well worth the listen.

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Diversity Hiring

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Chad Cooper

Chad Cooper, previous CTO at Grubhub and current Co-Founder at LandscapeHub, shares with us some great lessons in not just lucking into a diverse work environment, but being intentional about creating a diverse company. It all starts from the top down.

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Employing the Disadvantaged

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Sasha Ongtengco

Sasha tells us about the amazing organization and how she believes that right now what’s needed more than anything is active listening with understanding and empathy, especially to those who are in overlooked talent pools.

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