Choosing a Good Technology Platform

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Jason Leverant

There are tons of awesome technology platforms out there that your firm could take advantage of. BUT, just because you could, doesn’t mean you should. Learn more about how to choose a good technology platform from Jason Leverant, President of At Work Group.

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We Don’t Want to Sell on Social Media

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Brad Smith

Brad Smith - a social media guru from Haley Marketing Group talked about what Staffing Companies need to focus on when it comes to Social Media. Identifying your audience, platform they engage in, and consistent content strategy and posting are just a few of the important points Brad made on this video.

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Mergers and Acquisitions with Staffing Firms

3 Minutes of Wisdom - Matt Lyon

Matt Lyon, Corporate Development Officer of TalentLaunch, with a unique strategy of acquiring companies, shared a couple of things he learned about doing mergers and acquisitions with staffing firms. He emphasized that the financials don’t always tell the story.

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