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How to Identify the Right Lawyer for Your Staffing Firm

by Visus Group Partner Jody McLeod, Founder & Principal at McLeod Legal Solutions

Confused about identifying the right lawyer for you? Use the following guideposts to help with your search.

  • Hire an attorney that understands the business of staffing. With the added risk of co-employment, inherent in all staffing relationships, the attorney needs to have it ‘top of mind. You do not want to spend your valuable time and money ‘training’ your attorney on the business of staffing.
  • Because staffing firms put ‘people to work’, your attorney should have a good working knowledge of employment law and wage and hour issues that have become routine in staffing relationships.
  • Be sure your attorney acts as your trusted business advisor helping YOU run your business not the other way around. Along that same line, you also need a good working relationship with your attorney so he/she feels comfortable giving you both the good news as well as the bad. Every business owner needs all information put on the table in order to make the best informed decision.
  • Most importantly, you need to be comfortable with your attorney. That comfort level will instill confidence, confidentiality and honesty for you, allowing your staffing firm to grow and meet your goals.

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