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Navigating the Tech Maze: Roundtable Insights for Successful Industry Digital Transformations

There is a wealth of opportunity for technology to revolutionize the staffing industry, from AI-powered recruitment tools to advanced sales and marketing platforms. It is possible to get more done, further improve the candidate experience, recruit smartly, and provide clients with the talent they need more quickly.

We see this first hand at Visus Group, as numerous staffing organizations deployed tools over the last 5 years to drive out cost and gain competitive advantage.

However, with a staggering 70% of digital transformations failing, it’s crucial for staffing leaders to navigate the tech landscape wisely. At Visus Group’s staffing industry peer-to-peer Roundtables, members tackle this challenge head-on, sharing successes and challenges while working collectively to elevate the industry. For those not yet behind the Roundtable doors, here are four essential factors to consider when contemplating a tech deployment, ensuring you fall into the 30% of companies that can chant “Success!”.

(1) Create the Business Case: Large organizations require a business case prior to launching any transformative initiative. Yet, in the staffing industry, where cost and competitive advantage are paramount, crafting a robust business case is often overlooked. Take the time to define why the transformation is necessary, identify the business problem it solves, assess the all-in costs, and determine the expected ROI. Lean on tech providers for ROI data, validating and customizing it to your organization’s needs.

(2) Choose Wisely: Peer recommendations provide a great starting point, but every staffing company is unique. Vet multiple tech options against criteria specific to your firm, considering factors like culture, processes, value propositions, team expertise, customer impact and expected outcomes.

(3) Do a Deep Dive on Your Current Processes: Before implementing new technology, conduct a thorough examination of all of your current processes that will be impacted, or even partially impacted. Understanding existing workflows, downstream ramifications, pain points, as well as what is working, is essential to align tech solutions with your organization’s needs and goals.

(4) Have a Change Management Plan: Recognize that adoption is a people problem, not just a tech problem. Mitigate issues by implementing a robust change management plan that involves key stakeholders, clear communication, change champions, training, and executive sponsorship. Avoid making it solely IT-led; include operations, recruiters, and back-office teams for a comprehensive impact assessment.

Properly deployed, technology can be a valuable asset to a staffing firm. It’s up to the leadership team to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful implementation.

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